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We are back to our usual business hours: Tuesday through Thursday 9-5 and Friday 9-4. Rosie will also be on Monday afternoon to return messages.
Safety is our top priority, and we are following Missoula County Public Health, CDC, and Federal Joint Commission guidelines to reduce the potential spread of Corona. Recommendations in healthcare facilities include everyone wears a mask – for patients, cloth mask or a scarf is fine! ( We will have you take the mask off for any facial procedures, of course.)

Telemedicine appointments are also available online. If you live out of town and would like to consult about a procedure; to review lab work; or if you are just not feeling well and would like to check in with me -a telemedicine appointment is a great option. 

Call the office and Rosie will help set up an online appointment for you.

----- COVID-19 NOTICE -----

Top Rated Physician and Medical Spa in Missoula Montana

Laser Treatments

We offer a range of light wavelengths that brighten, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin; that treat fine lines; that remove rosacea, red spider veins and pigmented brown spots; that treat acne; and that remove unwanted hair.

Injectable Treatments

Injectable enhancements are ideal for women and men who are looking for skin treatments that are fast, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive. Many of these treatments take just a few minutes but last a year or more.


Non-surgical skin treatments are ideal for those who are looking for subtler, gentler, or less invasive solutions to issues like wrinkles, sagging and age spots.


As we age and our tissues degenerate, we can help our own tissue regenerate itself. Regeneration of tissue is truly the medicine of the future.

Lisa Pacheco, D.O. | Aesthetics Medical Spa and Skin Care Center, PLLC

As the director of the Wellness Medical Spa located in the Alpine Surgery Center, Dr. Pacheco offers her patients a wide selection of non-surgical skincare and cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Pacheco offers many dermatology services including; medical peels, laser treatments, injectable treatments, ultrasound skin tightening therapy, microdermabrasion, Botox, and SculpSure. In addition, she offers her patients individualized plans to achieve optimal wellness, using a variety of natural medicine and osteopathic manual medicine (OMM) treatments to restore health and vitality.

Unlike many medical spas in Missoula, Montana, Wellness Medical Spa is not just owned by physicians – all of our patients are assessed by a medical doctor and either directly treated or treated under the supervision of Dr. Pacheco, top anti-aging specialist in Missoula. We believe in providing the highest quality care. Check out some of our Dr. Pacheco’s before and after patient results.

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