Hairdresser washing bearded men's hair.

Fun Facts About Hair

Here are some fun facts about hair that you’ll never guess   Each day we pay attention to our hair: many of us wash and style the hair on our heads while taking care to pluck, wax, shave, trim, and cut the hair on other parts of our bodies. But how often do you think …

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Cosmetician gives face botox injections to patient

FAQs About Botox

Most Common FAQs About Botox – Get Answers From Dermatologist   Q: Is there anything that I need to do before the Botox treatment in preparation for it? Yes. However, it all depends on the Botox treatment method. The methods vary from case to case. In some cases, your doctor might ask you to avoid …

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what is botox procedure

How Does Botox Work?

How Does Botox Work? Top Doctors in Missoula Describe the Procedure In Simple Words Aging and Wrinkles   As we grow older and older with the passage of time, our body ages with us as well and our skin starts to gradually lose its resilience. This loss in its resilience is what causes wrinkles in …

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