Botox® Specialist at Aesthetics Medical Spa

Botox® is a prescription medication that is comprised of natural proteins that ultimately will interfere with muscle contraction. It’s injected into muscles to help improve frown lines that occur in between an individual’s eyebrows, as well as other areas that have fine lines and wrinkles. It will temporarily block the nerve stimulations where it’s injected, which will then allow the muscles to contract less.

Botox® does a wonderful job for the following:

  • Preventing wrinkles
  • Smoothing out areas where wrinkles and fine lines currently reside
  • Lifting the corners of a person’s mouth
  • Helping with migraines

When you decide to use Botox® in Missoula you should expect painless injections, and you can always use a numbing anesthetic cream if you feel it’s necessary. After about 2-3 days after the procedure you’ll start to see real results, but it’s important to know that Botox’s® effects typically are temporary and last around 6 months.


Xeomin® is a botulinum toxin that is similar to Botox® in that it will halter muscle movements in certain areas that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. It typically is used in the forehead area in between the eyebrows to soften up frown lines that build up over time. There are some similar ingredients in both Botox® and Xeomin®, but Xeomin® is considered to be a somewhat purer toxin.

Xeomin® is very much like Botox®, but it just has a few less proteins in it, but Xeomin® will undergo an extra purification step. Another difference between Xeomin® and Botox® is that Xeomin® doesn’t have to be refrigerated before use, so it’s much easier to distribute amongst clinics and it must be flipped, as opposed to swirled, for the doctor to ensure the ingredients have fully dissolved.

Xeomin® will also last about the same length as both Botox® and Dysport®, around 4 to 6 months.


Dysport® is another botulinum toxin injection like Botox® and Xeomin® that blocks nerve signals to muscles in order to ultimately relax them and smooth out areas where wrinkles occur.

The main difference between Dysport® and Botox® is the overall potency of the trace proteins, which can sometimes make one more effective than the other. Although Dysport® tends to be less expensive than Botox® it is subjective in terms of which treatment is best per patient.