Cellulite & Fat Reduction

Cellulite & Fat Reduction

Sculpsure: For Unwanted Pockets of Fat, Cellulite, Body Sculpting, Skin Tightening, Non-Surgical Laser Fat Reduction

Sometimes, achieving the type of body you wish to have feels next to impossible. There is no shame in wanting to look your best, rather it is human nature. If you have unwanted pockets of fat and wish to attain a more sculpted look, there is good news for you in the form of exciting new advances in medical body sculpting and fat reduction technology. What would have required surgery not long ago, is now available in a non-invasive procedure with minimal discomfort.

One such tool that is making waves is the Sculpsure machine. Found in specific practices such as our spas in Missoula, virtually anyone can have their skin tightened without surgery. The Sculpsure machine does not involve cuts or any other methods that cause scarring. The machine reduces fat from the outside, using a non-surgical laser. While that sounds simple enough, let us explore what that means for you.

What is Sculpsure?

Both a treatment and a machine, the aim of Sculpsure is to reduce or altogether eliminate the unsightly excess fat in one’s body. If you are healthy, with exercise and eating healthy as part of your lifestyle, you may still have stubborn pockets of fat. If this is the case for you, then Sculpsure is one procedure you may consider undergoing. All bodies are different, and for whatever reason, you might be unable to shed those extra pounds or achieve a smooth aesthetic.

Sculpsure is for both men and women wishing to look their best. You do not have to be of a specific body type in order to undergo the treatment. The procedure does not take long- it is something you can do during your lunch break without your colleagues even being able to tell the difference. Why? Each treatment takes 25 minutes on average, even when having fat reduced or eliminated in multiple areas.

What makes Sculpsure popular?

There was a time when liposuction was the only way to remove stubborn fat from our bodies that diet and exercise couldn’t control. Liposuction requires being under some form of anesthesia and enduring what is technically a surgery, and it also leaves a scar, no matter how small it may be. Times have thankfully changed since then. Though you may encounter some discomfort during the procedure, recovery is almost instant, depending on the individual undergoing the treatment. Bruising only occurs should a person be taking painkillers or blood thinners before the procedure.

How does it work?

The Sculpsure machine consists of a heat-laser belt. Once on, it sends heat (107.6°F to 116.6°F) and a precise wavelength (1060-nanometer diode laser) to the area, eliminating the fat cells. The heat kills the fat cells but leaves the tissue untouched. In 12 weeks, the body will have naturally rid itself of the targeted fat cells. The waiting period between Sculpsure treatments is six to twelve weeks.
If you have fears about safety, you can confidently put those fears to rest. In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Sculpsure. It falls under the noninvasive lipolysis category and has been approved for use in the upper and lower abdomen, hips and thighs.

Who can undergo the procedure?

Those qualified for Sculpsure treatments are adults with a body mass index of 43 or below. Specialists state that Sculpsure is not an alternative to weight loss. Should you qualify, a licensed practitioner will recommend the number of sessions required to reach your ideal body shape.
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Cellulite & Fat Reduction

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