Rosacea And Spider Veins

Rosacea And Spider Veins

Rosacea and Spider Veins

Dr. Pacheco is a vein specialist who is known for treating skin conditions like rosacea and spider veins at her Missoula location. She offers top notch treatments to eliminate spider veins and make patients feel much more comfortable in their own body, while at the same time ensuring minimal pain and short if not any recovery time.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that makes individual’s faces look consistently blushing and creates small bumps kind of like acne. The most prominent symptoms are a redness of the cheeks and face, and sometimes over long periods of time blood vessels may break and show through your skin.

Doctors do not exactly know the root causes of rosacea, and it’s different for each patient.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are considered to be the smaller version of varicose veins, and both tend to make people feel unpleasant or uncomfortable in their own skin. Over half of all people will be affected by either spider or varicose veins by the time they turn 55.

Spider veins are visible purple, red and blue vessels that most commonly occur on people’s face and legs.

What causes spider veins?

There are a few examples of individuals who are typically more at risk of having spider veins, including the following who have:

  • A family history of varicose veins or spider veins
  • Hormonal influences from puberty, pregnancy or menopause
  • Extended use of birth control pills
  • A blood clot history
  • A tendency to stand for long periods of time on a regular basis

Treatment Options

Dr. Pacheco offers a whole array of cutting edge technologies to support her while performing many different treatments, and the following are some of her equipment and techniques for treating rosacea and spider veins.

Palomar Icon IPL
The Palomar Icon is a state-of-the-art medical laser that helps treat things like rosacea, spider veins, brown pigment, unwanted body hair, dull skin color and so much more! IPL stands for intense pulsed light.

The Palomar Icon IPL is customizable so it can be adjusted uniquely for each patient’s desired results, and the IPL function does wonders in terms of refining skin texture and evening out any kind of skin discoloration.

Dr. Pacheco utilizes a ‘stamping’ method with the Palomar Icon IPL, which essentially means that she will pick up the laser after each pulsation in order to ensure there is no overlapping. This differs from other laser types like Fraxel where practitioners will simply roll over an entire area of a patient’s skin.

PRP Microneedling
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that is growing in popularity in recent years, mainly because it helps decrease the signs of aging, but Dr. Pacheco utilizes PRP microneedling for a whole array of desired results.

How it works is Dr. Pacheco will use a special roller with tiny needles on it and prick your skin in order to ultimately stimulate a ton of brand new collagen production. This is why microneedling is also considered collagen induction therapy.

PRP microneedling helps treat all forms of hyperpigmentation like rosacea and spider veins with a boosted effectiveness so you can start to see your desired results within a faster turnaround time.

You may have seen some celebrity pictures online from these types of procedures in which their faces are covered with tiny blood droplets, and that’s why this procedure is nicknamed a vampire facial.

Physician Directed Skin Care
There are some cases in which patients will require some extra prescription-strength solutions to help with rosacea, spider veins and other types of skin discolorations. Dr. Pacheco will be able to examine your skin and then make the proper recommendations towards a topical solution that won’t be publically available.

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Rosacea and Spider Veins