5 Best Foods For Healthy Hair

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5 Best Foods For Healthy Hair

Learn here what are the 5 best foods for healthy hair

Healthy hair often comes from a good diet and proper hair care practices. Some people naturally struggle with hair fall and have thin or dry hair. Although eating different kinds of foods cannot change your basic hair structure, it certainly can promote healthier hair. In this blog, we look to find the best foods for growing healthier hair.

How Does Food Make Hair Grow Better?

  • Food has certain nutrients in it that can make a huge difference when it comes to hair growth and the condition of your hair. Certain nutrients and vitamins promote better hair growth and stronger hair strands. They can also help lock the moisture in the hair strands and boost shine. Although eating better may not help you if you have serious hair fall, it may help you regrow your hair.

Best Foods For Healthy Hair

  • You should consider incorporating the following foods into your diet to ensure you do not lack the necessary nutrients for hair growth:


  • Eggs are rich in proteins and biotin. Proteins are important as most hair follicles are made of them and they help strengthen the hair structure. Biotin is very important for the production of keratin, which reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Apart from these two nutrients, you can find minerals such as zinc and selenium in eggs as well. If you have a nutrient-deficient diet, eggs are the best way to top up those nutrients fast.


  • Avocados are considered superfoods when you look at the nutritional benefits they provide. Just one medium avocado gives you a quarter of your daily Vitamin E intake. This vitamin is very important for healthy and shiny hair.

It is also known to stop hair loss when incorporated into your diet over a matter of months. They also provide the body with essential healthy fats and fatty acids that promote better health.


  •  You probably know that leafy green vegetables are the best foods for overall health. However, spinach is a class apart as it’s packed with essential nutrients like folate, Vitamin A, iron, and Vitamin C. Without adequate amounts of Vitamin A, our scalp would dry out which would lead to more hair fall.

The iron found in spinach is great for promoting healthy hair and many studies link iron to reducing hair loss.


  • Nuts are a great source of protein and good fats for people who prefer vegetarian or vegan diets. They are very rich in Vitamin E which is essential for hair growth and reducing hair fall.

Apart from this they also are a good source of Vitamin B complex, zinc, and other necessary minerals for the human body. Incorporating mixed nuts into your daily diet is a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Hair

  • Fish, especially fatty fish like Salmon, is great for promoting hair growth. It also has a lot of omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for hair, nail, and skin conditions in the body.

Certain studies have linked an omega-3 rich diet with increased hair density over several months. Fish is also a great source of protein and other minerals needed for a healthy diet.

  • However, if you are experiencing severe hair loss or thinning, relying on diet alone may not solve much. Considering medical solutions such as PRP treatments is a good option that you can look into.

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