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PRP services offered in Missoula, MT

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a regenerative solution to treating various conditions from medical issues to aesthetic desires. Board-certified Lisa Pacheco, DO, at Missoula Wellness & Medspa in Missoula, Montana, uses PRP to promote your body’s healing. To learn more, call the friendly office staff or use the online booking tool for your convenience today.


What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

PRP injections cause new tissue to grow in damaged areas. The treatment consists of plasma, the liquid portion of your blood, and your platelets, a type of blood that promotes healing throughout your body.

Platelets have clotting abilities and growth factors that can trigger the reproduction of your cells and stimulate tissue regeneration in the treated areas.

PRP is blood that contains a high concentration of platelets.

How does PRP work?

To create PRP, your provider takes a sample of your blood and puts it in a centrifuge, which rapidly spins it to separate the other components of your blood from your platelets and concentrate them within your plasma. This process takes about 15 minutes.

Your provider then injects the PRP into the targeted area needing treatment. The procedure increases the growth factors in the specific region to accelerate the healing process.

The entire process causes minimal discomfort, if any, and lasts about an hour. You can continue your daily routine immediately after your injections.

What does PRP treat?

At Missoula Wellness & Medspa, Dr. Pacheco uses PRP to promote skin tightening, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promote hair growth, help heal injured joints, and even enhance your sex life. PRP is used for services, such as:

  • Vampire facials, to rejuvenate your skin
  • Vampire face-lift, to heal your skin while battling signs of aging
  • Vampire breast lift, to promote growth factors to give you larger and fuller breasts
  • Hair restoration, to activate new hair growth 
  • Joint injections, to accelerate healing and improve musculoskeletal issues
  • O-Shot®, to create new blood vessels and nerves

During your consultation, Dr. Pacheco discusses how PRP can help produce the results you want.

When will I see results from my PRP therapy?

Results from your PRP treatment don’t occur immediately. It can take a few weeks or, in some cases, a few months to notice a significant difference. However, don’t be discouraged. Remember that the healing factors are taking place underneath your skin and in the targeted areas that aren’t visible to the naked eye. 

What are the benefits of PRP?

PRP uses your own blood, making it nearly impossible for you to have an adverse reaction to it.

Other benefits include:

  • Provides total rejuvenation
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Treats difficult to reach areas 
  • Treatments are quick and painless
  • Offers long-lasting results

PRP therapy uses your body’s natural healing ability to improve your overall health, function, and appearance.

To learn more about PRP and determine if it’s right for you, call or book your appointment online today.